Antioxidant JYANOX-412S

The chemical name:dilauryl thiodipropionate

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Chemical Structure Formula:

CAS NO.29598-76-3

Molecular Formula:C65H128O8S4

Molecular Weight:1156

Quality Standard:


Antioxidant 412s is a sulfur containing high molecular weight antioxidants, and low volatility and continuous high performance characteristics, showing a low

volatile and high molecular weight containing organic sulfur of antioxidants are excellent in heat resistance and low leaching characteristics of.412S,

specifically developed for polyolefin plastics and engineering plastics products. Especially, it is recommended to apply to high temperature and long-term

aging performance of the use of strict requirements. When the 412s and hindered phenolic antioxidants are used in conjunction with a when, compared to conventional thio

ether antioxidants such as DLTDP or dstdp, showing remarkable stability.


This product is currently on the market the most effective of the thio ether antioxidant / compounding agent. Can reduce phenolic main antioxidant addition; provide excellent color protection, do not have to add extra phosphite auxiliary antioxidants; excellent resistance to extraction and anti migration, extremely low volatile; no taste; in the PP, PE, ABS, PS and other engineering plastics in the resistance to long-term aging resistant and high temperature applications; high performance and filler applications; requirements low volatility of thin-walled / film products application; excellent resistance to extraction and anti migration, makes it especially suitable for in the high-temperature water pipe, a washing machine or dishwasher.


This product does not need special safety equipment, with reference to the general industrial product storage method.


25 kg bag or box.