Antioxidant JYANOX-DLTDP

The chemical name:Dilauryl thiodipropionate

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Chemical Structure Formula:

CAS NO.:123-28-4

Molecular Formula:C30H58O4S

Molecular Weight:515

Quality Standard:


 It is white crystal and can dissoulve in benzene, toluene, acetone, gasoline     insoluble in water. 


As kind of stabilizer it finds many applications in organic compounds. Usually it     is used with synergistic reagents and phenolic antioxidants. Complex

with principal   antioxidants, it is broadly applicable to PP, PE, PVC, HIPS, ABS, NR, synthetic rubber and      grease. As kind of excellent sulfur ester

assistant antioxidant, DLTDP is especially suitable for     PP and HDPE. Usually it is used with phenolic antioxidants so as to strengthen aging, light     

stabilities and improve the initial color and luster. In addition, it doesn't cause pollution and       pigmentation.


Prevention from damp and heat insolation or high temperature storage is inadvisable. Storage conditions: cool, dryness, ventilation, temperature lower than



Cardboard boxes with plastic liners, net weight: 25Kg/box.