UV absorber JYSORB-UV531

The chemical name:2-Hydroxy-4-Octyloxy Benzophenone

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Chemical Structure Formula:

CAS NO.:1843-05-6

Molecular Formula:C21H26O3

Molecular Weight:326  


Quality Standard:



UV absorber JY-531 is a superior performance, anti aging agent, can absorb 240-340 nm UV light, with light color, non-toxic and compatible good, mobility is

small, easy processing and other features. It has maximum protective effect of polymer and helps to reduce the color, while delaying the onset of yellowing

and block the loss of their physical performance.                            


It can be widely used for PE, PVC, PP, PS, PC, organic glass polypropylene fiber and ethylene vinyl acetate. And for dry phenolic and alkyd varnishes,

polyurethane, acrylic, epoxy and other air drying products and car dressing paint, powder coating, poly urethane, rubber products, for they provides good

light stability and effect. The amount of 0.1%-0.5%.


25 kg bag or box.