UV absorber JYSORB-UV9

The chemical name:2-Hydroxy-4-methoxy-benzotriazole

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Chemical Structure Formula:


CAS NO.131-57-7

Molecular FormulaC14H12O3

Molecular Weight:228

Quality Standard:


The absorption maximum wavelength range is 280-340 nm, good thermal stability, do not decompose at 200 DEG C. This product is hardly visible light absorption, so it is suitable for light colored transparent products. UV can effectively absorb the 290-400nm, does not absorb visible light.


This product for UV absorber for PVC, poly partial ethylene dichloride, PMMA, unsaturated polyester, ABS resin, and a cellulose resin, such as a variety of

plastic. This product can also used in paint and synthetic rubber, light colored transparent rubber products. They provides good light stability effect.

Additive Amount:



Cardboard drums lined with plastic bags, net weight of 25 kg per barrel.