UV absorber JYSORB-UV326

The chemical name:2-(2

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Chemical Structure Formula:

CAS NO.: 3896-11-5                       

Molecular Formula:C17H18ClN3O

Molecular Weight:677

Quality Standard:


Ultraviolet absorbent UV-326 (brand name) is a more representative form of benzo triazole ultraviolet absorber, the advantages of stable performance, low

toxicity, strong ability to absorb ultraviolet light, due to its strong absorption of light ability especially in the UV region has a very high light

stability (290 ~ 400nm). The thermal stability, plastic for applications that require high processing temperature. Low volatile, with little or no loss.


Can be widely used for light sensitive materials, such as color film, color film, color photographic paper and polymer, external coating and many other



UV-326 should be stored in a closed system and kept in a dry place to avoid light storage.


Net weight 25kg carton or paper bag.